Wednesday, March 09, 2005

2 more days!

I am so excited for Friday I can hardly wait! Promise me we can go to Brick Alley so I can drink myself silly on MOOOOOJITOS! Betsy call me tomorrow with your flight info. Funny everyone’s teaching partners were out this week. Mine also was today and to keep the teacher talk to a minimum nothing overly exciting happened except one kid punched a girl in the face and I found out one of my 10 year old first graders is being banned from the public schools because he is a dirty little Dominican you know…. (to anyone who doesn’t know I am just kidding) speaking of that, someone at Danielle’s house on Saturday night used the n word and I told him off for about 45 minutes and you know how it is when I get going. Other then that I will not bore you with any more information… I’d rather tell all my dirty, dirty gossip to you all in person this weekend!! Oh a few things to remember for our upcoming celebration: 1) no worries I am totally fabulous again (a.k.a. blonde) 2) bring gym clothes just in case we get motivated 3) wear green 4) plan on making the list! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Here’s a little ditty I chose to leave you with (spelling unchanged)…. 5 humps to whoever can guess what it is from.

Day 2: 2/15
Day 2 of the diary, the music is so loud I cant even think straight. I think I heart tequila 2 shots 3 drinks=5 I’m drunk. Here’s Erica.
I just grabbed the hotel Viking pen out of Jenn’s cleavege with my teeth my throat hurts but that didn’t stop me from doing shots! I heart tequila tequila=(techela)


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enjay bring the eecretsay diary---uhhh eh? to the ewportnay isthey weekend.....jeeze i sure hope you can crack that code