Wednesday, March 09, 2005

87 points for me

I am pulling into the lead by a hair over here... (no pun intended ;-)

WCLLJenn: dont forget your brooklyn shirt bitch
Kateh11307: oh its already packed
Kateh11307: oh godi just admitted im packing
Kateh11307: .... dont tell anyone
Kateh11307: i pulld my duffel bag out of the closet and thought of you
Kateh11307: also ive packed three irish themed shirts to choose from
Kateh11307: and i packed hair suppliiiiiiiiies
WCLLJenn: wow
WCLLJenn: erica wouldnt park at the gym today till she had a front row spot
WCLLJenn: shes all planned for the week also
Kateh11307: hmph


Jenn said...

Also point for me and Erica:

WCLLJenn: ok. im going now.
Kateh11307: where?
Kateh11307: why?

Kate said...

ok fine. i stopped trying to be an individual as soon as we moved out of 20 Narry and since then, I've been desperately trying to become one again. FINE!

Betsy said...

Ok, I already started packing too!Also, I talked to Erica and we both agreed that on Friday we are going to need some kind of TJ Max excursion because we obviously don't have the right atire for the weekend. I went to old navy yesterday in the attempt to get a green shirt, but they had nothing that worked! So if you have extras, bring them!