Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Clemente Story Time

So sometimes, I feel like I need a movie of the week. Today I went into school expecting the worst. My teaching partner had a doctors appointment. Tara, my partner, is the only person that doesnt have a prison record that has any control over the kids. The last time she was out, the 5th grade attempted muteny, and they would have succeded if it werent for the principal who made it in just the nick of time.

Today I decided that I was going to keep control of the class if it killed me. I would win; there was no stopping me today...

The day was going considerably well when 10 minutes into my second class, the lights go out and my whole class starts screaming like something out of greek mythology. I didnt think much of it because the "fun" thing to do in the 5th grade is to turn the lights off to piss off miss mentone. ..but sure enough it was a power outage. I got the kids to stop screaming by scareing the shit out of them...I told them that if there were a gun man in the building and the principal announced a lock down, we wouldnt be able to hear it and he would have taken out half the class. I had them so petrified that by the end of my lecture, the biggest bully (girl) in the class faked a stomach ache and went home. So still things are not awful, but getting worse: the vice principal came in and told the kids that they would be eating lunch early completly distroying any structure that i had left...by 1:30 i was attempting to feild kids out of the hall and into my room.

And as if all of this isnt enough to cause a stroke, at some point in the day I locked all of my keys into my locker. Then after I had to have the lock cut off, I spent 3 hours trying to drive home in a blizzard.


Kate said...

My first instinct was to cringe when you said you told the kids they'd get shot if they didn't shut up, but then I remembered even that probably wouldn't scare them all that much. Yo kids is probably like swiss CHEEZ anywayz.GET THEE TO KINDERGARTEN!

Erica said...

kate are you sure thats how you spell cheese? lol and they are...one of my 13year olds was shot in a driveby at her 4th birthday party