Monday, March 07, 2005

February 19, 2004

Oh man ma! I am practically peeing my pants myself rereading our escapades. And, I have to add even though it will make me look worse, that there was no pothole. The sidewalk may have been a little uneven, but no pothole. And although it was one of the most painfull experiences of my life, it was one of the most worth it for everything that happened before! And I'm sorry it meant that you had to get a ride home with the officer, but just think about the enjoyment picturing the scene in your head time after time. Even I laugh about it now!

Random Memory:
I just knew that I was going to lose the bracelet my grandmother gave me for graduation if I wore it out, but I wore it anyway. Sure enough I woke up the next morning and, besides being bemused about how the hell I ended up wearing pj's when I know I went to bed in my clothes, I also began freaking out because the bracelet was gone. Erica to the rescue! I must have searched for a good hour before she showed up and decided she was going to look. 30 seconds later, there's the bracelet. Meanwhile, Erica J and I sat on the couch sunburned and wicked hungover. I told her I would have made out with her I was so happy she found it, maybe I was still a little drunk. Thankfully, she declined.

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ericasue said...

You know how some people say they can still feel their missing limb when it's been amputated, well I can still feel that sunburn when I think about it. That was the worst I've ever been burnt. What a great way to leave Newport, huh?