Thursday, March 31, 2005

a glimpse into ericas brain

Some random thoughts on various things

On Kate: Kate rocks and I'm glad that someone other than her friends are beginning to recognize that

On School: I was told to "go to hell" today by a student to which I replied "I'm here aren't I" (acctually i replied "who do you think you are, Jesus?" but the one i posted was much funnier)

On Anonominiminity: I spelled that wrong on purpouse becuase there is no WAY I would ever get it even with spell check; I dont like it. Its like being left out.

On Tom Toohey: we should have a separate blog dedicated to him... I have so many memories of a person i didnt know! like the time we went to visit shady j and he took us on a "Toohey tour" of the room making sure to point out the soiled sheets and towel and the used condom hanging over the wire waste basket.... then we retrieved shady js mattress from the attic of his dorm where it was dragged after he had been sexiled....or then there was the time that we had to warn those freshman girls on the drunk bus after we "over heard" their conversation of idol worship towards tom toohey...avoid the clap girls

On Children that tell me to go to hell: I dont like them

On stale peeps: I DO like them

On your mom: i dont regret skipping classes to play with your mom and the best thing about your mom is that shes a born loser...and i know that the 10.5 girls are going represent well

On the 10.5 girls: They really rock! I just love them all

On Jenn: call me back bitch

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Anjie said...

The girls of 10.5 have assembled a great team this season! Your Mom is going to be scoring like crazy! And clearly all the former Your Mom players are welcome to come join in a game or two or three...hehe