Friday, March 25, 2005

The Head

Random Memory:
This post is dedicated to the Head. The Head had some good times at 20 Narry, and it always came dressed appropriatly, whether for the baseball game, Christmas party, or Wild, Wild West festivities. One of my favorite memories is when someone knocked into the coffee table sending the Head to what could have been a very untimely death. Now, I wasn't about to let that happen, so I dove off the couch and rescued the Head from a very messy end. But my ultimate favorite Head memory was "The Giving of the Head." See the pictures below if you don't remember this momentous and sad occassion.


ericasue said...

I greatly enjoyed the passing of the Head too. It was almost like watching the passing of the Olympic torch ;)

Anjie said...

The head got passed on to some great girls! And he is very happy in his new home, but misses his orignal home very very much.

Betsy said...

The head DID get passed to some great girls, and it's good to know that he continues to bring happiness to those around him!