Friday, March 18, 2005


Hello? Is this Lil Kim?
Who this?
Don't worry about all that. I found your number in my man's pocket.
Well shit bitch! Give it to him then! No wonder the muthafucka hasn't called me yet! Look at your fuckin groupie ass! Stealin numbers and shit.
Wha? Fuckin' bitch! I'mma see your ass at the mothafuckin' concert.


Josh said...

I got on some Gucci thongs, but they're the edible kind they taste like twizzlaz. I got the bra with the G's connected, but the nipples are cut out bodys all oiled up...

Kate said...

I'll be constructing some kind of nipple tassle to wear in support of Lil' Kim if she does go to jail. Details forthcoming.