Sunday, March 06, 2005

I heart the IA

I went to a bar last night with a bunch of my friends "the Cue and Brew" for some reason when the boys told me we were going there I made a puking not sure why though because if anyone I know ever went to this bar im almost positive that they would say "wow i bet erica would love this place" i showed up in a teeshirt jeans and sneakers and was almost overdressed I learned to play darts played pool with the loser of the rock paper scissors match, and then decided that drinking bud light and eating ultimate nachos with chili was more important than looking good in the bathing suit that i bought for miami.

All in all it was a good night and on my way home I got about 7 drunken phone calls.

Newport related memory: There is almost nothing better than walking down the street to the IA in sweat pants sitting at the bar buying a picher of beer and watching the old men hit on Jesse Mesita all night.

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