Friday, March 04, 2005

It's coffee, Kendall!

Question of the day: What would you do with a brain if you had one?

Betsy I am so glad you are coming! I can definitely pick you up I go right by the airport at approximately 3:05 when I am on my way home from school. I am also at school right now. As a part of my hunger strike for a fabulous Miami vacation I am skipping lunch today. (Ok so it's really cause I have to write a lesson plan but who doesn't heart the Salve diet.) I have a good idea for this that I stole from my group emails. We should try to put up some random memories every time we post. I have some seriously great pictures to put up this weekend too and you are all in trouble! Who has the wall of irony pics cause I need those.
I definitely enjoy the one of tank-asses bare tits.
Well, it's off to write a lesson plan I go. Ok here is my random memory: That night I had a Friends party in Miley when Katie Govoni was out and Betsy came over with salsa con queso and spilled it on the rug and I flipped out... I don't even know why I was so pissed (ok we all know why) but I ended up giving the rug to Kate and Erica like a week later anyway when I moved out... Katie Govoni was so pissed every time she walked by the room cause she just knew it was our old rug and she didn't have one anymore!

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