Thursday, March 17, 2005

I've tried for days to think of a good way to recap in a post our st patty's newport reunion weekend, but have been totally unsuccessful. I guess that the only way to sum it up is, "I can count on the memories, cause they don't go away." The following are a few highlights:

-Presidente Margaritas to kick off the weekend
-Kate's incredible investigation/location of Erica (because obviously her phone was splattered all over Rt. 22)
-heart to heart with Jenn and Courtney in the ATM vestibule
-20 Narry Drive By
-"THERE IS A PUBE IN THIS BED! What should I do?"
-Following the parade down Thames/stalking the Newport Storm Float (Take me to beer or lose me forever!)
-Red Headed Sluts, AKA Kate's Shot
-Firehouse pizza

Also, I'm gonna try to figure out the whole posting pictures business so everyone can see our weekend!

And because I promised I would, my current RANDOM MEMORY:
Remember that time when we were hanging out at 20 Narry and we had just finished that shake and pour bottle of pancakes and only had little bits or random alcohol? Well, we decided to all do a shot of bacardi or parrot bay, and as soon as I took the shot, it immediately came right back up all over the floor of the kitchen. We all just kind of stood there in disbelief for a few minutes before totally cracking up.


ericasue said...

hurrah for your recap and pictures, I'm very excited to see what went down.

Josh said...

hahahaha I wasn't there for that memory but it cracks me up. Me love you long time Betsy