Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lost in the woods

Saturday Kate and I went on an excursion that involved us being lost in the woods for about an hour with two dogs. All we could think about was food the entire time. Thank God we made it back alive. Other then that I haven't posted because my life has been pretty average lately. Nothing new over here. The most exciting thing that has happened to me lately has been the very shocking disappearance of Kate's life savings from her coin bank... which, may I say to certian people, I am very offended that SOME of you actually think that I took the money. Assholes.

Random Memory:
When Josh and Danielle came over sophomore year and Josh told the spirit stick story over and over to many amused audiences. I know I don't have to recap the entire story because you all know it very well.

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Erica said...

josh's spirit stick story is one of my favorites! also i confess it was me that accused jenn...but only because i wanted to see her reaction becuause i knew it would be funny! clearly it was the ghosts of the narragansett reservation.