Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ode to Kate too

Since the current theme seems to be ode to Kate in honor of her birthday, I would also like to be involved in the roasting.

Kate's 19th birthday was spent on spring break in this country that is 50% tundra...If you said "What is Canada?" You are absolutly right. She dinned with good friends at one of her favorite places: The Hard Rock, and was even hit on by a canadian.

Kate's 20th was spent in complete anihilation and with a Canadian mission to make out with every one in the country. Although Kate's mission was unsuccesful, she made a vallient attempt, finishing the night having made out with approximaly 1/3 of Canadas population.

Kate's 21st birtday was spent on spring break in Punta Cana. This was no leisure trip folks. Kate spent her entire birthday week as an ambassador having ...err...I mean improving forgien relations. Upon her return she celebrated her birthday on the homefront by attending the St. Patrick's Day festivities at O'Brians Pub. Then she set a world record by swimming across her bedroom floor with 2 passenges (as illustrated in Jenns entery entitled "swimming" and "1")...Then I believe she threw up in her closet...

Kate's 22 was spent on an airplane ride back from New Orleans...I would recount some of the details; however, as stated in the rules and regulations set forth by the spring-breakers in attendence: what happens in new orleans stays in new orleans.

I can hardly wait to see whats in store for 23!

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