Friday, March 04, 2005

random memory

This whole blogging thing is going to be about as distracting as IM was (is) when we were still in school. Jenn, I totally remember that night. It might have been the same day that I walked into my room and found you there about to totally kill my first roommate! But seeing as it was just my b-day and Kate's is coming up, I had a not so radom memory to post. Obviously it is my birthday weekend last year, when I "partied like I was never going to have another birthday." My wonderful dinner with Erica and Jenn, dragging them to the bball game, Kate making me her famous "SUPRISE" drink (alot of 151), birthday shots at the bar, immediatly heading for the bathroom after the shots, running into and making out with the bball team (SAM ADAMS!), the infamous disposable camera, and the crowning moment....jumping around like a fool in my hooker boots before totally spraining my ankle. It didn't stop us from enjoying the rest of the weekend though with a party at 20 and Mardi Gras!

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