Thursday, March 31, 2005

Re: Anonymous

Uuuuuuuuuuugh...I am so tired and SO HEADACHE! I spent yesterday trying to work on my resume/cover letter/PA application, but was successfully distracted by the weather, among other things. So, because it was so beautiful outside, I ended up at the park, playing baseball. When I say baseball, I obviously mean catch, although we probably could have gotten a good pick-up game going with the 2 eight year olds and their moms who were playing (and yes, they really were playing WITH their moms!) So obviously putting on a glove only reminds me of one thing....Is that YOUR MOM? Playing baseball? Ah yes, my friends. My random memory is the countless hours we spent playing with Your Mom. Haha...remember Costa going out and buying a glove because he didn't have one? The first 2 years were rough, we were still trying to find ourselves as a team, but we didn't let the "Mercy Rule" and the many times it applied to us to stop us from going back game after game. Our senior year Your Mom really got things together, and we started winning games. Unfortunately, I was stuck in an unskipable class every time Your Mom played. I always sat by the window though, watched Your Mom, and cheered.

Now, I cannot allow the crazy postings/comments of last night go unnoticed. Kate, thanks for sticking up for me! Erica, TRAITOR!

I have noticed a few things about this "ANONYMOUS." 1. His/her random use of capitals, I don't think it's really thought about when being done. 2. His/her use of HELL may indicate more Joe Lomastro than Sister Marianna, but we are all wished a blessed day, which is almost sweet, or condescending. 3. I can't help but notice this person calls our pictures scary, yet refuses to tell us even their name...kind of makes you wonder. 4. This person is obviously just like us...using our "blog" (and yes, that IS what we want to call it and don't you forget it) to avoid the realities of life, and uses our incredibly interesting lives as a distraction. Can you blame him/her? 5. Kate asked if anyone was reading this and found us amusing, and "ANONYMOUS" responded. You have to give him/her credit out of the hundreds of people who are supposedly reading our blog (according to the counter). This person is the only one who stepped up and actually told us how he/she felt.

Anonymous...I look forward to future postings/comments, and the HUMOR and insight that you can bring to our blog. I wonder who you are, and how you found our apparently "ungoogleable" site. These are questions that I hope you can answer at some point, among other questions/comments that I have for you which can be discussed at a future time. Who knows, maybe you are the now infamous Tom Toohey, and the mystery of the pink towel can finally be solved.

PS- I proofread and spell checked this post. If you find mistakes you must be some kind of English teacher or editor or something!


ericasue said...

ah! I am not a traitor! :P

And I agree with #5. I thought it was funny how Kate asked anyone who was reading to speak up and then insist they declare themselves and their motives. hehe

Betsy said...

And yes Erica headache does imply hungover. And it makes me feel very old considering the minimal amount that I drank.