Thursday, March 10, 2005

Roger's dad is so hot

Ok so we had this big ESL parent meeting today during school to discuss the changes to the ESL program for next year and first of all let me just say Kate, you would absolutely DIE if you saw one of my kids dads. He is like, the hottest and most concerned father of all time.... also the most recent arrival from the Dominican Republic. For a short run down of the meeting: There were more interpreters than parents, one of the dads was pierced from head to toe, another one fell asleep during the meeting and yet a third was wearing an electronic monotoring device (must be fluent in at least one southeast asian language for gang prevention program). This all one day after we were put on lockdown due to rising crime/child snatchers in the neighborhood. Oh well tomorrow is Friday..... um and anyone want naptime when we get to the hotel? Cause I think I am getting a cold (sideways face)

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Betsy said...

Naptime only if we can spoon!