Thursday, March 10, 2005

So today was the first day of DSTP, our state testing, and it was more stressful for me than my students I'm sure. They get as much time as they need, but the recommendation is 2 hours. After 2 hours none of mine were done, after 3 hours 3 were done and the rest were still going strong. I'm walking around the room freaking out because they are no where near done and I'm thinking if they all get zeros I will never be able to teach again! I was also stressing about my 2 darlings who have daily anger outbursts, wondering when the bomb was going to go off. The day goes on, and slowly my kids are finishing up, and finally, with 5 minutes left in the day, my last 2 turned in their tests. I don't know how I am going to deal with 4 more days of this next week. We may just need another reunion starting next Friday. Just kidding....or not?

Random Memory:
In honor of Thursday's college night at the Garden! Since it got you in for free, it was the one night of the week where your college ID actually was worth all the times you paid to get a new one because you lost it. A few memories:
"Oh, you better get me really drunk before we go out if you want me going there!" -Erica
"I am NOT too drunk to drive home!" -Jenn
"Will you go get me some water?" Me (at 10:30)
"Oooooh! Look at Adam playing guitar! He's so CUTE!" -everyone
"OH, we're half way there, oh livin on a prayer!" -Those Guys

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