Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This Post Is Kate's-Ass Free.

How would I even begin to list memories, there are so many! Reading about Bar-One though reminded me of the night we took the bus to Bar 1, and I told that fat Chris Cioe that Kate wanted him and that he should just go up to her and make out with her and he did! HA!

On our way out I was waiting outside, drunk, thinking we were never going to make the bus, and when I asked what the hold up was someone said it was because Rehsha (sp?) was in the Coat room. But it was cold out that night and everyone was complaining that they didn't bring a coat on the way there so I was confused. Well Rhesha comes out carrying three Jackets and hands them out, she just took them! Nice jackets too!

We missed the bus, and had Pat and Sean drive my powder blue Chrysler New Yorker down to Prov to get us all, and then some drunk patrons of Chads informed us another bus was coming.

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Kate said...

You forgot the part where you made out with me at the bus stop and then said, "and THAT'S the best kiss you're going to have tonight!"