Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Why I love Jenn

JENN! That has to be one of the best posts yet! My mom just came into my room wanting to know why I was laughing/crying so much. Obviously I remember that day like it was yesterday. You failed to leave out that we sat next to each other for about 2-3 weeks of class before even aknowledging each other. But then the day came when Katie Giovani pushed you over the edge, and we walked back to Miley and you cried...she did really cry everyone. I made the mistake of cnvincing you to talk to Kendall and we did start watching Friends together every Thursday, my fav of these nights of course being the night I spilled queso on the rug. I did warn you to never go to my room when I wasn't there, and you didn't believe me. A few days later though after being trapped in my room for hours with my litterally psycho roommate, you suddenly realized that it was more than just a warning! But my psycho roommate is obviously the source of a different random memory post. Obviously I totally remember that monstrosity of a group project. I don't think I have ever bullshitted a project they way that we did. I also remember feeling really bad about making it up at the end, so I actually did some kind of work for it last minute. I have no idea what the hell possessed us to talk to, let alone work on a project with, Tom Toohey. And that Caitlin girl was just awful too, you know as soon as we were done working they were probably having sex. You forgot about the old lady we worked with on it too. That had to be the most random group of people ever assigned to work on something together.

Why I love Erica:
"Hey...you know Tom Toohey? Well, what if his mom's name was Pat. She'd be Pat-oohey! Or Sasanka? Sasanka-toohey!"

RANDOM MEMORY: (or not so random in this case)
The first few weeks of freshman year Erica and I were inseperable, unless of course it was the weekend and she was going to some party. So, we rollerbladed alot. One sunny afternoon we decided to head over to Seaview to see Justin, aka Shady J. We get there, climb up the stairs in our rollerblades and are hanging out in his room. Suddenly, in walks Tom Toohey...wearing only the infamous pink towel. I don't know whose towel it was, and I don't know if they boys of Seaview knew whose towel it was, because everytime I was there, a different guy was taking a shower and using the pink towel to dry off afterwards.

As I'm writing this I had a thought. You know how we all use google to search for people? Well what if someone searches "Tom Toohey" someday. Will our blog pop up in the search results? Do we care? It's a crazy thought! You know as soon as I post I'm going to google "Tom Toohey" just to see what happens. I'll keep you posted!

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