Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Advice for the new way less fun residents

Kate stumbled upon one of the girls that lives at 20 Narry's blogs. I read her blog for today and just HAD to post a comment.... she got locked out of the house and who can even count the number of times we had to a) call Shaun or Costa who have keys or b) hoist ourselves through the bathroom window? Since it took us so long to figure out how to break into the house, I decided to give her some advice on it early. Here is my comment:

Ahem. As one of the original party girls of 20 Narry, I can not help but notice that you were locked out of the house. Here is a helpful tried and true method of breaking and entering into the legend that is the 20 Narry household.

1) Drag park bench from the backyard up to the downstairs bathroom wondow. If this bench is not available for some reason, a roomie hoisting you up to the window cheerleader style will work as well.
2) Assume the position.
3) Push your hands up the window until it gives-make sure you don't have sweaty palms and be patient-this may take a few tries.
4) Voila! You are now free to pull yourself into the house using the toilet. Don't forget to push the blinds out of the way... they can be messy to fix!

Next time you are locked out, use this method of entering the house. Or, you may call myself, either of my roomies, or multiple other Newport residents that posess copies of keys to the house.


Kate said...

AND if for some reason that bathroom window is locked, we had the kitchen window open one whole winter and didn't know it. try that.
one more thing.... who at 20 narry locks the doors during the day unless their psycho ex is threatening to come around with guns? ...If that's happening to 20 narry though I do apologize

Betsy said...

There is absolutly NO reason for that door to EVER be locked! You never know who is going to need to get into 20 Narry!

Erica said...

umm betsy i beg to differ...there was a point in narry history when we DID need to lock the door...two words JOSH MOJICA ...yeah thats right jenn and i had no clue why we were locking the door all we knew was that we were suddenly playing "101 ways to break into your own house"

annother word of advice...be careful with those widows they tend to fall on one occasion,almost severed adam dykus's finger

Jenn said...

Ha ha. Remember that! That was before you assholes realized that locking the door when we are sleeping does no good... if there's a will to party there's a way in