Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Because I don't say it enough...

So as of about 2:00 this afternoon, I have wanted to just bawl. And you all know what an emotionless person I am, so the fact that I'm close to tears and freely admiting it means it's serious. The good news....that it's finally NOT my students making me want to cry, so this is progress. And I've obviously been telling Kate, my confidante (along with all of you) all about my day and she made me realize many things. The most important being that I'm so greatful for all of you! You all know how much you've corrupted me in so many ways (I'm not accused of being Amish nearly as much as I used to be), and I wouldn't have it any other way! So in honor of you all, and how much I love you (and jumping on Jenn's bandwagon)....the moment I knew I loved you... the haze that is Miley move in day, Erica is the first person I met. She was this crazy, birkenstock wearing girl, who couldn't stop smiling despite the fact that her roommate was bawling her eyes out. We decided that we would go everywhere together, because we were both pretty unsure about our roommate. We were basically inseperable after that, but the moment I knew I loved Erica, was the day we walked up from lunch and the stairs were blocked off and we had to take the elevator. Erica looked at me with horror in her eyes and said...OMG! PLEASE HOLD MY HAND!!! You can't hold hands with someone in the elevator and not be friends forever after that.

Kate...I confess...there were about 5 minutes after you knocked on my open door and said, can you tell Erica that I'm moving in? that I was like, who's this girl and who the hell does she think she is? This was obviously after the elevator incident, and who did she think she was invading? Cut to about 2 days later and meeting Kate for real, and I don't know what the last 4 years would have been like if she hadn't been so bold!

Jenn...She already told the story of how we met and fell in love in sociology class while commiserating about awful roommates and the idiocy of the others in our class. So allow me to just say that it's a good thing that we met...because she's taught me to embrase my love of all things pink (she would be so proud of my hot pink pants!) and to come out of the closet concerning my Britney Spears fan status.

Erica J...we were the original "Laundry Room Girls." How can you not be friends with someone you meet on Sunday morning in the laundry room when every other person in the building is hungover/passed out? From that first morning, we had a date every Sunday. We even found out we had religion together with hot Dr. Cowdin.

Josh...All I remember about meeting Josh is that it was at 20 Narry and it most likely involved us both being very drunk. I feel like we were all sitting around the table playing never have i ever or fotch. He put his hand on his hip, and said "YOU BITCH!" in only the way that Josh can, and I loved him!

So here ends my overly sentimental post. Although my mom constantly reminds me that I'm not the innocent little girl she left at Salve, that nice little Catholic school, I sure am glad that "God and Joe Lomastro" put me in Miley 211.


Kate said...

Oh, Ma... without me you probably wouldn't have even liked Snood, and I'd say that's the least of it... :)

Betsy said...

Snood is probably the one reason my mom is glad that you all came into my life!

ericasue said...

The BEST time to do laundry in Miley was on Sunday mornings! Very few people are coordinated enough to get their laundry together and haul it down before you go to brunch or soon after brunch. So you never had to worry about it getting stolen or someone hijacking your washer/dryer.

Oh religion with Dr. Cowdin, in the time I like to call B.E. as in Before the Earring. I would never have pegged him for a Relgion teacher.

And Chin Up Girl! You are fabulous!