Sunday, April 03, 2005

Betsy's Random Thoughts...

1. No one is ever around when important things are happening to me!
2. I never believed in that phrase "when God shuts a door, He opens a window" until about 2 minutes ago.
3. Strawberry Daquiries will do wonders for a bad mood
4. Typing is quite hard when intoxicated, and i'm concentrating so hard right now it hurts my head

6. F 4-EVA!

Random Memory:
Rum Runners at the Mamba made by Mooch...all rum, $2


Kate said...

Umm I don't have any missed calls on myyyy phone, we were all here drinking all over the house last night and would've been more than happy to offer ridiculous advice that didn't make sense. Speaking of not making sense, Erica was talking jibberish in her sleep ALL night

ericasue said...

Oh Mooch was the best bartender ever! And Corn Bread was the best door man. I don't know how many times those two let me have a fabulous night for about $10 bucks!

ericasue said...
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ericasue said...

yeah I deleted that comment because Blogger spazzed on me and posted it twice. whoops

Betsy said...

Corn Bread finally let me in for free the last time we went before moving home. I felt as though I had crossed over into some elite group...those that Corn Bread recognized. Maybe that means I went and drank too much?