Friday, April 08, 2005

A hair raising tale*

So I got my haircut the other day, and I never would have thought my hair would cause such a stir at Kuumba Academy! Everywhere I went someone had something to say. The reviews were mixed:

“It WAS so long and pretty!” –second grader
“Miss Dulik! I LOVE the curl at the end! Did you color it too?” –Keyaire (boy)
“Umm…Why did you do that? I used to love playing with your hair!” –Maya
“WOW!” -someone

And my personal favorite…
“What happened to your hair? Do you KNOW it’s shorter?”
“Can you believe it DeMia? I woke up this morning, and it was just like this! How do you think it happened?”
“Really? You just woke up like that?”
Then to just totally make my day…I was walking down the mall, naturally looking fabulous (ok, I was practically sprinting back to school in a library card drama), and I encounter one of those younger guys who just spend their days standing around the sidewalk, doing nothing, and who have multiplied by 100 since the weather got warmer. I got a check you out head to toe look, accompanied by a “hey there.” Obviously I just kept walking, head down, but every time it happens it makes me laugh afterwards.

*Title inspired by Erica J


ericasue said...

In my interpretation of Betsy's post, there was more to the asterick. Here it is as you would have seen it had Blogger not been a huge pain in the butt all night/morning:

*Title by Erica J. as she is the one actually posting this since my computer is being a pain. Look an asterick just like I'm an Intern in New York.

Kate said...

You walk away? Oh. Is that what you're supposed to do when guys check you out?
... nobody told me.

Betsy said...

when they're shady, scary street men you sure do!

Jenn said...

"I was walking down the mall, naturally looking fabulous"

Didn't Betsy get the memo that the role of obnoxious, constant mall-shopping narcissist has already been taken?

Betsy said...

1 point for Jenn

ericasue said...

Oh a whole post devoted to his love of astericks! hehe

Erica said...

jenn i love your narcicisism ...narcisizm ... narsicism ...nar...oh you know what i like