Tuesday, April 05, 2005

On being Amish....

It's a good thing none of the Amish who live in my community can read this blog, on account that they don't have the internet. If they could, my family just might raise some eyebrows for our penchant for fondue seeing as we need electricity for the fondue pot. It would be rather hard to make without our secretly installed in the middle of the night solar panels that give us just enough electricity for my computer and the fondue pot. For those of you who may be wondering...the secret to a good cheese fondue is a can of who knows how old sam adams that you find in your garage (remember how we laughed at how ironic it was that we were using sam adams? :p

Sidenote...I just got a new idea for how to freak out my class. Go to school in my Amish garb, and insist that I have gone "back to my roots." Conduct class for the day totally in the dark, and go on about the evil of electricity, and remove the computers from the classroom. The next day go back to the way things were, and ask who stole the computers.

Totally unrelated...I love how nice it's getting out! It's great to be able to go to Starbucks (something else that would be frowned upon by the Amish) and sit outside for the better part of the evening. It was very nice to be able to sit there outside and still be able to see who you're talking to at 8:oo at night! I'm feeling that it may soon be time for a road trip south...and when I say that I mean for some people up north to come see me down here...I promise to include a trip to Intercourse again! :)

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