Monday, April 04, 2005

On other people's blogs...

So Kate opened the door to the incredibly large world of blogs to me today. I decided to start slow. She suggested that I look into "123 I Love You." Whoever this guy is, he's pretty amusing.

BetsLeigh82: i must say that i am having almost as much fun reading this blog as i do reading ours
BetsLeigh82: he seems like he would fit in our blog
Kateh11307: haha yea i know, turns out we arent the only funny people out there
BetsLeigh82: who knew?

I just had a really random "Random Memory." Once upon a time there was a girl named Nancy. Nancy just LOVED bunnies. Well, when Joe Lomastro decided that Nancy needed to move into my room, I got more than just a roommate. I got a roommate PLUS countless stuffed bunnies and bunny figurines. I just couldn't believe how LUCKY I was! To think, I went from having a suicidal wacko roommate, to a bunny lover. Well, one night we were all hanging out in Miley 241, Kate and Erica's room, and in walks Nancy in her bunny robe. I'm not really sure how the bunny got into 241, but the next thing you know, Costa is tossing around one of her figurines and naturally, the bunny falls to the floor and breaks. Nancy breaks out into tears, and the look on Costa's face was priceless. Needless to say, Costa spent the rest of the year trying to make up to Nancy for breaking one of her million bunnies and I had to watch as her collection grew, particularly around Easter.


Kate said...

Nancy was someone I knew I'd never forget. The time she asked me to borrow my scissors and sat down on the floor and started clipping her toenails with them, I knew Nancy would hold a place in my heart... That place was jeopardized the night Nancy was thrown into a tizzy by math and began swatting at items invisible to us, apparently floating in the air. She fucking flipped out, we called Joe Lomastro, and the security guards chased Nancy around campus with their flashlights, then called her mother. {Sigh} I miss those days.

Betsy said...

That was also the night Nancy switched her major from nursing to social work. Nancy ended up spending the night in the hospital being observed. I don't know if I ever told you all, but the apparent cause for her breakdown was the inconsisancy in which she took her meds. Some times she took them, some times she didn't. You know ritalin is a scarce commodity on college campuses, and maybe Nanc was more on top of things than we realized. Needless to say...whatever she was swatting at and the scary people she was seeing that night freaked the rest of us out too. We watched out the window in silent awe as security loaded her into one of their cruisers and took her away.

ericasue said...

Hey now, I've been trying to get you into the world of blogs too!! Hello remember New York Intern? You thought he was funny too.

Plus reading blogs is really just a gateway drug to having your own. And the way I'm peer pressuring you, you can't last for very much longer. muhahaha.

Betsy said...

I did forget about New York Intern. In fairness, he was pretty hilarious too! If you click the link, make sure that you check his post about St. Patty's Day. It's amusing.

Erica said...

ohhhh now that you mention it bets i can probably pick out the times when nancy took her medicine