Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What's with TODAY, today?

I was going to comment on Kate's post, but it turned long, so I'll just post myself instead.

Kate, it doesn't at all bother you that there is half of a dead creature floating around House somewhere? It's gonna start to smell soon you know. I hate those wonderful surprises left by Mooshka as well. Speaking of Mooshka for a minute, I found out the most awful thing a few weeks ago. For as long as I've had my cat, about 16 years now, I've been under the impression that her name means "Little Cat," which is quite appropriate. Well, I learned that for all these years I have been totally mislead. Instead of Little Cat, I have been calling her "A Fly." I am told that the look on my face when I learned this was priceless. A mix of complete shock and disbelief, like I found out that my cat had in fact just died.

I highly recommend that you look into a 13 year old boy. He will take care of all gross dead things lying around. Of course, when he and everyone else in your hosue leaves for a few days, said cat will suddenly go on a rampage and bring home everything it looks at. Not that I'm complaining about everyone leaving for a few days, it's actually quite wonderful and allows for certain freedoms not generally accepted in el casa de Dulik.

As for my special got cancelled so I spent an hour on the playground, where I soaked in the sun and pretty sucessfully ignored every one of the 25 kids who were screaming and arguing around me. Then I "rewarded" my students for their "good" behavior by getting them water was hot and I wanted water ice.

This was a rather random post, but that's what I'm good at. A Random Memory for you to enjoy...
The beginning of a tradition that was anything but traditional, Miley Date Night! It was supposed to be every Sunday, a way to bring together those of us in Hunt and Reefe, because they were obviously too far appart to warrant seeing each other during the rest of the week. Because of who were are, M.D.N. ended up happening more spontaneously than it happened regularly. We even took it on the road as much as possible. Now, where ever two or more people gather in the name of Miley (the original Miley of course, not this "New Residence," renovated crap), a Miley Date Night occurs, especially if spooning is involved.


Kate said...

gee, imagine how I felt when I found out you have a cat named Mooshka... you never talk about it

Kate said...

also, two things:
"Kate, it doesn't at all bother you that there is half of a dead creature floating around House somewhere?"
What bothers me, darling, is where the top half went.

"It's gonna start to smell soon you know."
Perhaps I can introduce you to House, where I doubt a rabbit butt would smell much worse than the dog piss that acts as flooring

Betsy said...

Did you not notice the cat wandering around and sleeping on the cars when you visited? I can't imagine that there wasn't cat prints on Erica's car when you left...she loves when new cars show up.
also, now that you mention it, I do recall the pretty funky odor that is House. And I find it easy to imagine that the other half of the animal is outside, well hidden. The cat just wanted to bring you a small token of his love.

ericasue said...

I know by 13 year old boy you meant your little brother but it kind of sounds like you want Kate to become a pedophile.

Betsy said...

Riiiiight...and you know now there are others reading this so I might need to be careful and clarify. I WAS refering to my brother, and feel as though Kate is missing out by not having one.