Friday, April 08, 2005

Why i will never again order out for fish

So today for lunch some members of the clemente family were ordering out, which i decided to take part in. I had orriginally told my teaching partner tara that i eat anything an to just order me what ever she was getting. I walked by the office after going to the bathroom and tara was like oh erica we are ordering from a fish place yo like fish... so refering back to my orriginal statment i declared that i did indeed like fish and would have a filet and an order of fries.

Well about 30 minutes later, my fish arrives...."MENTONE" mr.conner yells from down the hall "fish's here" so i go down to his room and he hands me a bag.. upon opening it, my initial reaction was "this cant be mine" it looked a little like soft shell crab. then i realized that it was fish. It looked as if someone had taken it off the hook and dumped it eyes bones scales and all into hot i ripped off the tail shrugged my shoulders and took a giant bite out of it (becuase i of course eat anything).

"are there bones in that?" mr. conner asked me looking confused
"ummm i dont" think so i said. no sooner had i spoken those words than i began to pull bones fins and other assorted fish parts out of my sortof reminded me of that part of finding nemo when the shark eats his "friend"

now im sitting here thinking about the random shooting pains i am getting in my stomach and chest and wondering what made me think it was a good idea to order out for fish


Jenn said...

Eating a fish scales and all... I don't like it. I can't eat things when they are looking at me.

Finding Nemo... i DO like it

There must be another way!! It's just a fish!!

Betsy said...

just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

Kate said...

did it have a face? I HATE IT when it has a face.

Erica said...

its face was deep fried and full of bones

Your Mother. OK fine it's Kate said...

well it wasn't ordering out for fish in itself that's the problem... its ordering out for fish in NEW HAVEN