Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another post!!!!

I decided to check that bitch who lives in 20 narry's blog today cause I had some free time! I was cracking up cause under her latest post, entitled "Fuck you Newport" she had tried to get a parking sticker from city hall and they wouldn't give her one cause she had to pay a $45 parking ticket for parking TOO CLOSE to the fire hydrant.....

....and you DO like parking too close to the fire hydrant

This also inspires some hysterical random memories:
1) approximately 7 am, Erica and I are leaving the house for student teaching.
Erica: Shit! Jenn! Someone tried to steal my hubcap last night!
Me: How can you tell?
Erica: Because one of the bolts is missing from the hubcap! They must have done that with pliers! Assholes!!!
Me: Erica... who would unscrew one of the bolts from a 1947 Cutlass with a pair of pliers and then run away?
Erica: Oh... um... I guess youre right.

2) Approximately 7 am, about a week later
Erica: Shit! Jenn! Where is my car!
Me: I dont know, look around Erica. You do this every day.
Erica: NO, I walked up and down the street like 5 times and it's definitely not here. I parked right in front of (the fire hydrant) the house!
Me: Erica, I dont know. I have to go.

Cut to 5 minutes later, Ericas on the phone with the police
Erica: My car got stolen! What do you MEAN I got towed! Where is it? $80! This is bullshit! I wasn't anywhere NEAR that friggin fire hydrant! (She starts kicking shit) FUCCCK!!! I don't have $80!!! Fuck Newport! Fuck fire hydrants!! Jenn!! I need a ride to the impound!


ericasue said...

I remember sitting in the 20 Narry living room when we heard a slight commotion outside. The girls rushed to the window to make sure they really weren't parked in front of the hydrant. They weren't it was a house next door, and we watched the owner try to reason with the tow guy while trying not to let him see us laugh.

Kate said...

adventures with the newport parking police...

i love when erica thought someone tried to steal her hubcap though. it honestly made the least sense erica has ever made, counting when she speaks in tongues in her sleep

Kate said...

forgive me for double posting but i keep coming back to this entry and cracking up thinking about erica accusing newport assholes of trying to steal her hubcap. add it to the short list of things that make me LOL every time.

like, as if it isn't bad enough that someone would want to steal the hubcap off a car they stopped making, she assumed they couldn't even do it right.

hahah oh i can't even stop laughing. quick jenn jump off the top bunk in your sparkly belt

Erica said...

hahaha no matter how many times we bring that still a moron...and its still funny!

Erica said...

hahahahahha no matter how many times we talk about it still a moron....and its still funny