Monday, May 23, 2005

F'n Blog.

I hate that it always takes me like 10 min to figure how to make a god damn post on this thing.

All I have to say in response to this weekend, if you think I had sluttly and mortifying stories to tell before, well, you aint heard nothing yet.

(For the record I blame it all on massive amounts of pot and three 007 drinks as prepared by the bartender that goes by 'Scooter'.)

I was going to write an es muy caliente version of this post but then remembered that virtually anyone can read this. I learned my lesson yesterday when at Katie Lucas's house we're hanging out, passing around a bowl and her cousin is there with us, a girl, looks about 16. She has a boyfriend named Mozart. Yes you read right. So whatever, I don't mind telling my X-rated stories to 16 year olds, they're old enough right? Yeah well, she looks older then she is. Gauged on her reaction I asked how old she was after I told the story (A very saucy tale if I do say so myself). She was definitely 12.


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Kate said...

so you told your racy story to a little girl but you aren't telling us? glad you got your moral radar on, josh!