Saturday, May 21, 2005

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie that Groupie Love (the prequil)

Staying on the topipc of groupie love, I just feelt the need to reminice about a simaler (until the twist ending) night of kates groupie love escapades.

So there we were at the Pelham seeing a band called Felix Brown: "359 degrees of music with just a little bit of room for you (Kate) to squeeze your (her) ass in." Courtney had told us all about the band and how spectacular they were.

After downing 6 or 7 of whatever the night's drink special was, we were all ready to dance to the ecclectic assortment of covers that were being played by Felix Brown. Kate was sporting her new "Flavor of the Week" tee-shirt from our most recent TJ Mac excursion. After the band finished singing my personal favorite, California Love, one of the guitar players started chanting something that I eventually decoded as "Flava of the week." We all of course realized that he was talking about the lettering spread accross Kate's chest and started cracking up. One of the other band members cleverly added "It's the FLAVA of the week and it's vanilla!"

Before we knew it, one at a time, my friends were pulled up on stage and encoraged to dance to the riff from California love and the band singing "shake it baby, shake it baby." After each person contributed, they recieved a smack on the ass and a logo sticker on their back pocket by one of the Felix Brown members.

After a few more songs of dancing and drinking, a band member later known as Kwesi, snached Kate's sweatshirt (which she was holding in front of her chest unconciously) and tossed it to the back of the stage declaring to us that it was "Blocking his inspiration."

And the rest, as they say, is history. Jenn picked us up from the bar and Kate informed her that 20 narry would be holding the after party for the band. I insisted that she stay awake. I spent the rest of the evening at the kitchen table with Jenn and DC (a band member) talking about everything from teaching to R. Kelly's tendency to piss on people. Kate and Kwesi reappeard the 2 band members left, and before they were out the door Jenn and I had devoured what was left of their pizza and bread sticks in record time. The last quote of the night was from Jenn, the most observent of the three of us: "What was that ring on Kwesi's left hand?"

...but that, my friends is another story for another time...


Kate said...

Beautiful, especially your spelling on prequel.

One small correction: the flava of the week shirt was a wise gift from Cathy Rousseau, who didn't know what she was getting me into. Last night at Felix Brown's show, DC and I reminisced about the time me, Kwesi's wife and his girlfriend all hung out. now THAT is another story for another day

ericasue said...

Oh I remember that time Kate. That was a great night to be a spectator!

Betsy said...

Is this the night that we were almost involved in a bar fight between the wife and that girl from the bar you made friends with who also happened to be sleeping with kwesi? because if it is, i have to say that inviting the wife to sit with us at our table was one of the best moves we ever made! ;)