Sunday, May 22, 2005

i am a post-aholic this weekend

So at 22 I think this is the beginning of "always a brides maid never the bride" i am in my first 2 weddings this year.

Last night my best friend Vicki made me promise that if i get engaged any time soon that i wont set the date for before her wedding to which i responded "Can you please think before you speak"

I ran into 2 girls i graduated with last night 1 was there with her HUSBAND and the other was engaged. The married one told me that everyone we graduated with has kids and they keep bugging her about what is taking so long. Then i saw jamies (from miley freshman know the anime one) ex boyfriend who told me they were engaged but now they dont speak and then i found myself smack in the middle of a bacchalorette (kate, i hope you like my spelling of that) party.

I really think that this living at home thing is not working out for me WHY THE HELL ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE STICKING AROUND NORTH BRANFORD AND GETTING MARRIED its like we live in the 50s when people were married off and having kids by the time they are 17! I really dont feel the need to get married right now I need to move to a city and be single...who wants to come?


ericasue said...

Me, ME, MEEE!!! Raises and waves hand like the little know-it-alls ;)

Welcome to my world. I have more married/engaged friends than single friends here. And I keep discovering new members to add to my tally "Married and Babied Peers." I think there's something in the water but maybe now it has become an airborn epidemic. lol.

Sadly I haven't been asked to be in anyone's wedding yet :(

Betsy said...

I hear ya also...I went to a memorial yesterday for a kid I graduated high school with and I learned of babies, marriages, and engagements I didn't know about. I keep telling myself...we're 22/23 years old, who the HELL is ready to get married and have kids?!?! But you know what...I'd rather have to keep hearing about and going to weddings than go to another memorial.

Kate said...


"then i found myself smack in the middle of a bacchalorette (kate, i hope you like my spelling of that) party."

one has to wonder if you were playing pomp and circumstance, throwing mortarboards at a baccalaureate party or wearing penis necklaces at a bachelorette party. the spelling is quite ambiguous

Kate said...

also, i know a nice city in the south. lots of country music, i hear it's lots of fun.

ericasue said...

Kate, I almost made a comment about the bacchalorette party but I decided I should leave it to you.

I <3 you though Erica!