Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A lil nibble

I have about 5 min cause I just finished some cover letters and there are a few things I would like to address!!

a) Erica good luck today (a.k.a. I know you have the day off bitch so you best be posting a long ass blog)

b) When are we going to get together again?

c) We need to plan some fun stuff to do this summer

d) Are the rest of you a holes besides Kate even ALIVE?!?!?!?

Ok. Now that my housecleaning issues are out of the way, I was telling one of my new coworkers about my job in Cranston the other day and the conversation went a little like this...

Co-worker (CW): So, you teach in Cranston huh? What do you teach?
Me: Yea. 2nd grade ESL.
CW: Hm. That must be interesting.
Me: OMG YES! I love it so much it is like the best thing ever.
CW: You couldn't pay me enough to do that.
Me: It's really not that bad. I love it, and most of the kids are bilingual and that's why they're in the program anyway.
CW: That's not what I mean.
Me: Oh... what do you mean then
CW: I just mean, like, being around all those Spanish people all the time, I, like, dont think I could do it.
Me (you know how I get about this): UHHH yeah well I like it.

(What I'm thinking, but I have to hold my tounge for $12/hr: You stupid bitch! You know what I can't stand? Racist whores like you and snotty little white rich kids from Portsmouth!!! Get over here so I can pistol-whip you with my glock!)

Just a little ditty I thought you would all enjoy. Have a nice day wherever you may roam. And call me if you want to hang out.


Kate said...

I think I would pay to spend that much time with Spanish people. I have, actually.

And don't expect a long blog from Kelly Foster... she's out in her suit dropping off resumes all day so she doesn't have to go back to Roberto Clemente (right Erica!)

Erica said...

i wouldnt go that far

ericasue said...

d) Are the rest of you a holes besides Kate even ALIVE?!?!?!?

I'm alive! I just have nothing interesting to share since Newport.

I went to the graduation for my brother, Benton, from the U of Minn. and spent 2 cozy days with my parents and youngest brother, Buddy. That is all.

Jenn said...

you have a brother named buddy? you never talk about him

ericasue said...

Yeah, well Buddy's real name is Everette (III) after my dad and grandpa but we call him Buddy to not be confused.

Of my 3 brothers I ususally only talk about Ben because we're close in age and hang out with the same group of friends at home. For most of our lives people thought we were twins.

Betsy said...

OMG! My favorite student is E. Myles Christmas, and obviously the E. stands for Everett! Who knew E. Myles and Buddy had the same name! And now that you mention it, I knew you had 3 brothers, but I really didn't know their names except for Ben.

Kate said...

i'm the only girl on this blog without a brother! scandal!

but then again i'm the only gil on this blog with an amanda so i think we'll call it a draw