Friday, May 13, 2005

May Day

It was May Day at Kuumba Academy today. I know some of you may be confused, thinking that May Day has come and gone, but we like to do things a little differently at our fine establishment. Top 10 highlights:

10. Watching the entire student body do the 1,2, Step
9. Watching Brian get dunked repeatedly in the dunk tank
8. The new cougar mascot running around...and the kindergarden teacher making out with it
7. not gonna make it to 1 in classic top 10 list fashion
6. walking in 30 minutes late bagel and coffee in hand
5. teachers run amok in the inflatable obstacle course...i've got scars
4. "Hey Mr. Evans, can I have one of those burnt hotdogs?"
"I KNEW you liked em big and black Ms. Dulik!"
3. being ripped off the wall on said obstacle course and instantly remembering that night senior year when i hurt my ankle the first time
2. reliving the week at happy hour with all the teachers afterwards
1. random memory: a top 10 classic for your enjoyment:

top ten list for friday night at 20 narragansett:
10. Cathy gets flung into the wall by brian after trying to pants him
9. Shaun finally showing up at 2 am after staying at work late
8. karaoke with dr brian p
7. the brian and stephanie show
6. the newly added foch "strip poker card"
4. "can i hit that?"
3. Matt Robadoux made me cry after i bit him
2. never have i ever made out with anyone with a tongue ring (the record stops and the room goes silent)
1. Steph: "never have i ever used my dildoe"
Kate: "well i sure as hell have never used your dildoe!"

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Kate said...

who said can i hit that? thats scandalous! also, i had to be told that i am the one who made out with someone with a tongue ring and suddenly i remember why the record stopped... i was expected to be celibate between relationships. and i still have not used steph dildoe