Saturday, May 28, 2005

NYC Adventure...

Yesterday I crossed something off of my "Things to do before I die" list. I went to Good Morning America's Summer Concert in the Park. Allow me to recount the day for you...

In true 20 Narry spontinaity, my sister and I decided late Thursday night to get up at 2:00 in the morning on Friday and drive up to New York to see Rascal Flatts. So 2:00 rolls around and I'm lying in bed thinking, if Rascal Flatts is playing on the radio when my alarm goes off, it's fate, we're supposed to go. Well, they weren't, but we went anyway.

We left the house at 2:45, and were in the New York vicinity by 4:30, when disaster struck. As we are about to enter Lincoln Tunnel, my dashboard lights went out. I had no gages, lights, anything. I freak out, but can't stop in a tunnel. So I keep driving. We get out of the tunnel and make it to 40th and 7th Ave when the car traffic. Luckily it was only 4:45, and traffic wasn't that bad, but in classic NYC fashion, we got dirty looks, words, and fingers from most of the people who passed. I freak out, don't have my AAA card so I call my mom for my info. I'm on the phone with my mom, when suddenly some guy comes up and helps my sister push us as far off the road as possible. So AAA shows up 40 minutes later, and as coincidence would have it, they have a shop about 4 blocks away. The tow guy says it's probably the alternator, and I'm thinking, great, can that be fixed in a day and at what cost? At this point I figure there is no way we're going to make it to the concert becasue you're supposed to be in the park by 6.

So we go to the shop, give them the info and RUN the 8 or so blocks up to Bryant Park, were we end up in line to get in with about 75 people in front of us. We're pretty excited because we're actually going to get in, even though it's after 6 and we snake our way into the park and end up within like 10 people of the stage. Kelly looks around and really takes in where we are and what we're doing and sings to me "God bless the broken car that lead me straight to Rascal Flatts!" (Most of you probably don't get the joke since you don't know the song, bear with me.) So we yell and cheer with the crowd as they do the morning weather and sound checks and whatnot, and suddenly my sister's phone rings and it's my aunt.

"Kelly? Where are you?" she asks
"Ummm....New York."
"So that WAS you and Betsy I saw on tv! Caitlin and I will be in New York this afternoon!"

So we're kind of excited because we were seen on TV and we're going to be able to meet up with my aunt and cousin later since we can't leave the city anyway. We made friends with people in the audience, got some great pictures of Rascal Flatts with Charlie Gibson, saw an INCREDIBLE concert, and then spent the rest of the morning walking around Times Square. We shopped, saw the naked cowboy, played in Toys R Us, Kelly embarassed herself by getting caught trying to take a picture of a really hot cop we saw, then we had our choice of Starbucks to crash in for a while. After a good dose of caffine, we took the subway down to the museum where I used to work (cause we had to make the trip educational for my mom's conscience). By 4 my car was ready so we went to pick it up and pay the $600 it cost to put in a new alternator and battery.

By that time my aunt and cousin had arrived. We found them and parked the car. As I pull into the parking garage the attendant says to me, "Uh, miss? Do you know there is a scratch on your front bumper?" I just kind of looked at him and thought, buddy...if only you knew! We had a quick dinner cause they had a baseball game to catch, and by 6:15 were on our way home, and at that point were well beyond exhaustion. We're driving along, and suddenly Kelly cries out..."IT'S SNOWING!!!" In her stupor, she thought that the crazy fuzzies flying off a tree were snow, and was quite confused. We spent the next 3 1/2 hours driving home, and at one point concidered just driving right on past PA and to somewhere else exciting, but bypassed that when it started getting dark, and being in the car started getting old. But we came to the conclusion that if your car has to die and you're going to be stranded somewhere...New York City is probably the best place for it to happen!


ericasue said...

That certainly was an adventure. I'm glad you guys actually went and made it there and back! Next time you feel like just driving on past PA come to Minnesota!

Jenn said...

Who the f are the rascal flats?

Kate said...

if your car has to die and you're going to be stranded somewhere...New York City is probably the best place for it to happen!

Well, in this particular situation, I'd be inclined to agree since you saw Rascal Flatts. But please, dear, don't employ that kind of thinking if it's ever dark and you're in Harlem

Betsy said...

Allow me to restate...if your car has to die and you're going to be stranded somewhere...TIMES SQUARE in new york city is probably the best plave for it to happen!