Sunday, May 22, 2005

A trip down f lane...

As promised, when we graduated we all sat in the rain around the fire at 20 narry and the secret of f was revealed...but before that it caused quite a commotion on many college campuses and in many profiles/away messages. Some favorites:

pezgirl712: i am so glad that my f is causing such a commotion at uconn
johnfingbozzuto: it's insane, people are putting up posters offering rewards for the meaning of f, professors are switching their class discussions to theories about f. Ariel Sharon is threatening genocide against the palestinians already, apparently they claim they know the meaning of f...i'm walking in the middle of a war zone...i'm that compelled by the f

superkepeli83: here at JWU there has been talk about this mysterious "f" as well. The culinary folks are working to decifer it's recipe!!

MakeshiftHeart: i need to know what f is! you don't understand, the meaning of life is nothing compared to what f MIGHT be!?

pudgyowl: erica, i have been working up the courage to ask you this, but i was scared i'd be the victim of one of your away messages. what the hell is all this "f" talk about? i don't get it i've seen it in your away messages before and john told me how he tried forever to get it out of you is this just about your away message having an f in it or is it something more?

auto response from pezgirl712: apparently the f has caused a alphabet soup effect on aim profiles across the country!! what can i say...f is mmm mmm good!

pezgirl712: do you like f?
smarterchild: Yeah, I guess. Do you like f?
pezgirl712: of course i like f!!
smarterchild: That's interesting. You're not the first person to have said they like f.
pezgirl712: i like the way the f went down
smarterchild: Well, I don't think I like the way the f went down.
pezgirl712: your just jealous
smarterchild: What makes you think I'm jealous?
pezgirl712: don't hate f cause you just aint f
smarterchild: Well alright!

LUVS2SMILE2: What is f?
ncastle77: what the f is f?
cashman81: yeah, even though you won’t tell me what it is, I still embrace it

AnjieT929: who are you kidding, youre not going to tell me what f is
Dani411: that’s a cruel joke if you are teasing people w/ the meaning of F and not really going to tell them

Ericasue: im jealous of the f so I need to make up my own initially things
SLEDAWG440: hey don’t ffer that to anyone!
DjMouth1212: Kate I don’t wanna know what F is


Erica said...

ooooohohoooooomygaaaaaaawwd...i DO like the way the f went down!

Josh said...

ahahaha loves it!

Betsy said...

who DOESN'T like the way the f went down, honestly!

ericasue said...

The only proper response is of course: