Tuesday, May 10, 2005

yeay for personal day

"...and then the skies opened up and god said 'i hate you alfalfa'"

replace alfalfa with erica mentone and you've pretty much got a sum up of my existance right now. it seems as though im being teased by some sort of higher being. for example...

flashback to august roughly 3 days before school starts in new haven:
me: hello is dr williams available?
dr. williams: this is he.
me: hi dr williams, this is erica mentone im just calling because i have an job interview today at old saybrook and i think i am the only one up for the position but i did not want to accept a job offer until i spoke to you first.
dr. williams: oh, well you are hired i just have to figure out where to put you
me: oh wonderful thank you so much
click "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" jump jump jump "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" jump jump jump "I GOT A JOB" ...flash forward to now and i dont think i need to do much explaining

example # 2
i send a application packet to north branford and to my suprise they call me the next day to set up a screening interview. im all excited of course...then flash forward to today (the day of the interview) im breaking out from stress, i have a guilty concience about looking for a new job, im still all bent up about the way my kids acted yesterday, and i sound remarkably like kelly foster and cant think of anything intelegent to say because im so frustrated over the fact that i can hardly speak.
NB school principal concluding the interview: well i dont want you to get discoraged but there are over 200 applicants so we may call you back and we may not ....but make sure you apply to a whole bunch of other places because they have just as many applicants if not more and you better get going because everyone is hireing like this week.

i did fax out a whole bunch of application packets today but only because kate forced me to and i am juuuuuuust a little bit tired of the phrase "dont get discoraged but..." preceding everything that anyone has said to me lately

but on an positive note i am going out to get buffalo wings tonight, i have reading testing for the rest of the week (1 kid at a time), and in 43 days it will be summer vacation

and i DO like wings

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