Saturday, June 04, 2005

AJ's Birthday

Yesterday was my brother's 21st. So, I took him out as a good big sister should. We started out at Iron Hill, a restaurant where a friend of mine was working and we got a drink or 2 or 3 while waiting for him to be done working. So the bartender finds out it's AJ's birthday, and makes us some good drinks and brings us over some shots of soco and lime a few minutes later (keep in mind what happened the last time I tried to do a straight shot in the kitchen at 20 narry). So we all do our shots, and AJ takes his first shot like a champ. I made it for about 3 minutes...and then there i was face in the toilet. I tried so hard to keep it down, but it's an undisputed fact...I will never be able to do an unmixed shot again! And I am so EMBARASSED for myself, being the only person who puked on my little brother's 21st birthday! But I'm happy to say that despite his hangover this morning, he's ready to go out again tonight and a Newport reunion has to be in the planning because no 21 year old can go without experiencing the bars of Newport! fam is going out for fondue tonight :p


ericasue said...

Where have all the commentors gone? *tear

Sorry girls that I haven't been commenting/posting. I'll try to pull something together soon.

I talked to Bets about this adventure already but I must congratulate her, because even puking at bar (or anywhere else) will never stop her from having a good time.

Kate said...

oof. Bets, you think shots through to much, I think. I don't think about them until the next morning when I remember the stupid things they made me do.

And get your brother up here!

Sorry I haven't written either, Jamestown has kept me quite busy of late...

Betsy said...

I totally agree with you that I think about it too much...and I tried really really hard. I have to say I AM making progress. I held it down much longer than usual. And I sucessfully had a "Kate's Shot" later.