Friday, June 03, 2005

I almost cried today...

Speaking of countdowns, I have 14 days until school is done. No more 2nd grade, no more ESL, no more "but Miss Paolozzi, I don't get it. Where IS the Dominican Republic?" No more kids trying to stay in for recess and after school because they don't want to go home and me having to chase them out of the classroom waving my hands around like an asshole going, "GOOD BYE!!!" and making them cry on a daily basis but cracking up like 2 minutes later. The point of no return was today when Roger says, "but Miss Paolozzi, I just don't get it. How come you look more like a teenager than a teacher?" and one of the 1st grade girls goes, "thats cause shes so preeeeeeeeeetty" (just like that... and she has the voice of a 40 year old stripper). Roger just stops, puts his hand on his hip and goes "Bridgette, I think you might be on to something." (It's much cuter in a spanish accent). OHHH DIOS MI OH YO NECESITO ESTOY EN EL PRIMER GRADO CON MIS ESTUDIANTES POR SIEMPRE!!!!

On another note, I went to my summer job yesterday. Within 5 minutes of those kids bratty behaviors I was screaming, "You know what!!! I teach second grade and my kids are better behaved than YOU!!!! HOW SAD IS THIS!!!!!"

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