Thursday, June 16, 2005

Italian Festival

Last night a bunch of the teachers from school decided to go to the Italian Festival in Wilmington to celebrate the end of the year. Obviously you can't go to an Italian Festival without getting food, so I was standing in line and suddenly I see this couple who look very familiar to me. I do a double take, and realize that they had gone to Salve! Remember Melissa Leone's friend Jenna? The one she used to make out with at Pelham when they were drunk? It was her and that guy she was dating whose name I don't remember. I couldn't believe it! Who knew I would run into Salve kids in Wilmington! Someone made the comment...

"They don't really look like the type of people who would go to your school."
"What kind if people go to my school?" I asked.
"Well, people more like you!"

On the outside, I just smiled. Inside I was screaming, "I AM NOT A SALVE GIRL!!!!" I sat there remembering all the times we had to assure people not from Salve that we were, in fact, NOT the stereotypical "Salve Girl." I couldn't believe that someone who had never even heard of Salve before meeting me could have formed that opinion based only on knowing me and the little I have said about Salve. I almost began doubting my non-salve girl status. It was only for a moment though because then I started to remember those girls who actually did apply to the term, and got over it really quickly.

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ericasue said...

I remember Jenna because I had a class with her freshman year.

The definition of a Salve Girl was so ingrained in that school/community/state that I don't know how we ever made it through without going a little nutty.

And on the topic of defintions, I thought maybe I would just check to see if perhaps someone had defined "salve girl."

I didn't find that definition but I did find this one:

salve regina
Saving a pussy for a rainy day so as not to ruin it too early.
Sheila was going to come over but I told her not to because i wanted to salve regina.