Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ok...I'll post

A little ditty I call..."How I spent my summer vacation" (In words and pictures)

It all started out with an 8 hour road trip with my brother and sister to Maine. We learned a few things on the will get wierd looks if you perform a Chinese fire drill in the middle of traffic on 84 in Conn and contrary to popular believe, NH is NOT a firework friendly state.

Once in Maine we spent the next few days doing what all good grandkids do when visiting their grandparents...eating them out of house and home. Quality time was spent with the cousins at the beach. I discovered a great new drinking game...Apples to Apples. If you've never played you should really check it out. And when I say drinking game, I mean Caitlin and I sat around drinking while our young, impressionable cousins/siblings watched.

Soon it was time for Caitlin, AJ, and I to head off to Boston to meet up with our Cali cousins for more family fun. This is where the pictures come in...

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