Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Mistakes? Who makes mistakes in college?

My list:

1. Being mad at Kate for even 5 minutes when she said she was moving in with Erica
2. Not listening to Kate and Erica more when they said, come out with us! freshman year
3. Moving into Hunt and not Reefe, and not listening when they said "COME OVER!"
4. Not hanging out with Erica J more in Hunt
5. Caring too much about what my mom thought 350 miles away
6. Not hanging out with my cousin more when I had the chance
7. Not trying harder to get Jenn to move in with me freshman year after the crazy girl was sent home
8. Spending so much time working on and stressing about those damn teaching portfolios
9. Spending so much time on any class related work
10. Never spending a summer in Newport
11. Not writing the book of our college lives...but it's not too late for that, and this blog is a good start!

Looks like the theme of my list is all about not working so much and having more fun. That is what college is all about isn't it??

PS-Where have you all gone!?!?! Writing prompts were supposed to promote blogging, not stop it!

1 comment:

ericasue said...

I second numbers 3 and 4!

It's also not too late to spend a summer in Newport. Whatever happened to the idea of renting 20 narry for a month? hehe