Friday, August 05, 2005

R.I.P. Warwick

Wanted: roomie to live in the glorious section of New Haven entitled "West Haven", ghetto yet safer then living in downtown New Haven, famous not for its lemon ice and glocks but for its beautiful pollouted beaches and views of the New Haven Register and Ikea from 95 South. Just minutes from New York City and Bridgeport, CT. Must love hamsters that bite on occassion (ok it was only that one time). Prefer a roomie that has a boyfriend she is dying to have sex with any chance she can get but can't cause she lives at home. If no takers apply, offer will be recinded and person searching for a roomie will be taking a previous offer to live in a basement in North Branford, CT.

Last year when we all swore that we were not going to move home, that's exactly what we all did-Kate and Erica the wanderers included, who I thought for sure were going to jet off to someplace fabulous together leaving me behind cause I refuse to leave Rhode Island. BUT that's not what happened and we all went home to our respective locations. When I got home I was like, ahh-this is nice, I don't have to pay for anything anymore, I have no responsibilities except to work, I can see all my friends from home that I missed a lot-but that wore off right around the time that summer ended. My friends from home that graduated this year didn't come home, they all got jobs in great places like NYC and Enfield, CT (awful... or great?) I knew that every single one of us were not happy being home even if we acted like we were but it seemed like we were all trapped once we got there. We didn't even try to act like super seniors and stay in Newport for another year yogether (House doesn't count)! We all basically freaked out and were like oh god we all have to go home and grow up and get jobs and live with our parents and save money. What happened to how fun we were? Who decided that we had to grow up the second we left school? I know we all needed the money but if we weren't us, we'd want to be us... right? First, I have to congratulate Kate and Erica J. for being the first two to leave the nest, because you two prove that we can still be our old selves plus a little new self if we try. Second, I say, AHEM to everyone else at home including me, what are you assholes doing?!?! Get the hell outta there!

Now, you may say, isn't THAT the pot calling the kettle black. Who ever would have thought it would be ME coming out with all this-the same girl who made Kate take the RIPTA bus home with her freshman year because I couldn't stand being out of Warwick for another second. Well, how better to lead then by example? (Kate you better print this post and laminate it, btw).

Yup I'm moving you bitches. Of all the ones that weren't going anywhere after graduation no one thought it would be me to get up and go somewhere. Ok, New Haven isn't like moving to TENNESSEE but um, hello, this is still me we are talking about here. Granted, "New Haven baby! We gets down baby!" doesn't roll off the tongue like Warwick but I guess it will have to do. But if all else fails and things don't pan out like I want (read: if I have a major freak out both before and after the interview and cry for 5 hours like the last time) I am gonna go to NYC with my stinky hamster. I'm worried about living my myself, because I'll probably sit around with my tail wagging all the time waiting for someone to play with (I don't know if you guys noticed... but we're not exactly the we can live alone type). But if I HAVE to I guess I will. Plus, I plan on having so much fun all the time I won't be there that much anyway.


Kate said...

"we can still be our old selves plus a little new self if we try."

oh, my little Jenn is all grown up. {sigh} I hope you get the job, either of them. And you'll be great.

If you go to New Haven, I'll be so glad to visit you both in one city where we can also eat a lot.

And if you go to New York, I think the crime rate in first grade will drop significantly....

Ghost Particle said...

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Messiah said...

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ericasue said...

Kate - you riled up the random commenters with that earlier post, haha.

ericasue said...

Wow Jenn, I love that entry. I wish you luck for the interview(s).

Sometimes I wish we had done the pretend super senior year in Newport. We would have lived it up! But now I think we are all coming to our breaking point with living at home.

I just knew I needed to move on soon. However I am planning on moving into a place with my brother this fall so is it really moving on or just baby stepping along. Either way change is good.