Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fast Food Fantasy

First of all, I would like to point out that Erica MUST have been drunk when she posted her blog because there is no possible way there could have been that many horrible misspellings. Now, Nashville may be a lot of things, but it is definitely the fattest city-or else it should be because of all the fast food restaurants they have. From White Castle and Popeyes to steak, pancakes and ice cream, they had it all-and we ate it. We even had a free steak dinner. However, my favorite memory of Nashville wasn't the food, or the Parthenon (which was amazing), or the fact that Kate and I were the hottest bitches on the street wherever we went, or those AMAZING honkeytonk bars (note: sarcasm), Loretta Lynn's dude ranch, or even the projects. No, my favorite memory was definitely getting those guys numbers who were 17 driving around Nashville at 2 am and meeting them at White Castle for some decent burgers and great conversation about Cambodians, the secret service, and how long it would take them to drive to RI to visit.

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