Saturday, September 03, 2005

in late response to the writing prompts:

i do not have any regrets from college


you all know that my favorite room in 20 narry was any room that everyone was in (except for christmas time then my favorite room was the living room becuase of the very tacky christmas theme)


not my favorite set of drunk memories, but some that jenn just recently reminded me of...

i always enjoyed taking a flying leap onto jenns bed (with her in it) while trying to avoid a male in my house who was the friend of someone kate was hooking up a wingman i will only go so far for a friend


Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

who were you avoiding? who was i hooking up with? who was the friend? that one that tried to bring you water while you were puking? oooh who even knows my head is spinning

Jenn said...

she also forgot to mention the fact that i was in a deep sick sleep when she took that flying leap

Jenn said...

oh... and that the only reason she blogged is probably due to the fact that her left eye was swollen shut and she couldnt leave the house but was too hyped up on benadryl to sleep and all her friends kept calling her