Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Top 10 clues I work in hicksville...

7. I pass cows on my way to work
6. There is a fertilizer packaging plant not 5 minutes from my school
5. My students live on farms and have horses
4. Dirt biking through corn fields is the only thing for kids to do
3. They say they're cousins, and really mean it
2. Highlight of the year: Wal-Mart opened in town
1. I almost hit an Amish horse and buggy the other morning

1 comment:

ericasue said...

Oh, thats like taking a trip down memory lane, only the Amish don't like the cold north. But the Menonites do.

Everytime I drive past the 1 Amish furniture store in my 4 hour drive home, I think of you.

And instead of dirt biking, we have lawn mower race (I went to an after party the other weekend). That also made me think about the kids who drive their snowmobiles to school in the winter.