Monday, September 12, 2005

my favorite nashville memory

Three words: "Bubba's Bacholor Party"

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I heart Nashville

When I told people I was going to Nashville, some asked why I would want to go there, but the ones who knew me the best understood the importance. "It will be like your homecoming!" one friend even commented. I loved it all, and we squeezed as much as we could into a few short days, and don't ever let her say that she didn't also love the Country Music Hall of Fame. But out of everything that we did, my absolute favorite was the Honkey Tonks and all the live music. You could go into a bar at 3:00 in the afternoon and someone was there performing. I loved the music, I loved the people, I loved EVERYTHING! I also have to say that the Wild Horse Saloon was great, and Kate and I didn't miss the opportunity to learn a line dance with the rest of the crowd!

Fast Food Fantasy

First of all, I would like to point out that Erica MUST have been drunk when she posted her blog because there is no possible way there could have been that many horrible misspellings. Now, Nashville may be a lot of things, but it is definitely the fattest city-or else it should be because of all the fast food restaurants they have. From White Castle and Popeyes to steak, pancakes and ice cream, they had it all-and we ate it. We even had a free steak dinner. However, my favorite memory of Nashville wasn't the food, or the Parthenon (which was amazing), or the fact that Kate and I were the hottest bitches on the street wherever we went, or those AMAZING honkeytonk bars (note: sarcasm), Loretta Lynn's dude ranch, or even the projects. No, my favorite memory was definitely getting those guys numbers who were 17 driving around Nashville at 2 am and meeting them at White Castle for some decent burgers and great conversation about Cambodians, the secret service, and how long it would take them to drive to RI to visit.

Hello, my loves

Well, off I go then.

But, I'd love for you all to do the following writing prompt for me to read when I get baaaack...

Since three of you have been out here already, tell me.

What is your best Nashville moment/story?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

my little girl is growing up!

I just want to take this opportunity to congradulate kate! She is a REAL reporter althouh her litterary talents and nose for news were clear to me and all of you years ago, others are finnaly starting to recognize it. Kate is being sent on a real Lois Lane-type 3 day story to mississippi on a carivan of vollunteers bringing animal supplies to the victims of hurricane katrina....the last woman who went into a hurricane disaster area with supplies from the tennisean brought her own pistol!

im sure kate will have a lot to blog about when she gets back

Sunday, September 04, 2005

"never take sides against the family"

Yesterday I was planning on going to what I thought was going to be a Bozzuto family Labor Day BBQ....I shouldn't have even been surprised at how mistaken I was.

You think we know how to throw a party?!? This was the most wonderfully rediculous display of celebration that I have ever seen in my life. John's family is not playing around. They take partying seroiusly.

John's family owns a waste disposal company and this Labor Day extravaganza was held on what they call "the compound" It is a giant plot of land perfect for throwing unbelieveable parties....but to call what I witnessed yesterday a party is a vast understatement.

We walked onto the compound to see about 3 acres of parking I would say that the size of the parking lot was just a tiny bit too small to hire a shuttle to take guests from the lot to the party. When we finally got past the parking lot we walked into what looked to be a fair grounds. There was a live band, a giant inflateable titanic slide, a moon-walk obsticle course, a rock wall, a dunk tank, and hay rides.

We were all starving so we went over to get some hamburgers and hot dogs under the 40 foot pavillion that John's dad and uncles had constructed just for the party...then we got drinks at the full bar with ice luge and went to get some seats.

After about our third round of drinks, some vodka soaked cherries, and a few jello shots a man walked by us with a plate of raw clams (from the raw clam bar) for his wife. When she told him to hold them while she got a drink, he responded with a Danny Devito-esc "MADON' what a set on this one...hold em" i can not do the comment justice without flailing my arms and using a thick brooklyn accent.

About 30 seconds later another man looking like he was straight out of the sopranos ran over, cupped his hands to his mouth and yelled "10 MINUTES TILL THE DEMOLITION DERBY!" Johns two friends from school and I looked at him in a he cant possibly be serious kind of way. John seemed unphased "oh yeah of course theres always a demolition derby" i guess that would explain the fire trucks.

For those of you who have never wittnessed a demolition derby, it is like real life bummper cars...the last car moving this case a $10,000 prize unfortunatly the event was cut short when john's uncle's engine caught on fire and the firefighters had to jump in.

At one point Robert Deniro, johns uncle, put his arom around me and pointed to the brise on my arm...."if johnny lays a hand on you bambina, you come and tell me right away understand" i figured that i better be carful about making jokes or i might have just gotten my boyfriend "whacked" so i just told him i would and thank you

later there was a catered dinner and a pig roast johns grandfather took a few turns on the ice luge and then kissed johns friend kim on the lips. Then of course the $40,000 fireworks dysplay put on by johns uncles who are of coursed licenced pyrotechnics.

John Kim Cooter and I ended the night with a bang when we stole the golf cart and drove it all over the grounds at top speed.

i will probably never be at another party like that again ....until next labor day of course

Saturday, September 03, 2005

in late response to the writing prompts:

i do not have any regrets from college


you all know that my favorite room in 20 narry was any room that everyone was in (except for christmas time then my favorite room was the living room becuase of the very tacky christmas theme)


not my favorite set of drunk memories, but some that jenn just recently reminded me of...

i always enjoyed taking a flying leap onto jenns bed (with her in it) while trying to avoid a male in my house who was the friend of someone kate was hooking up a wingman i will only go so far for a friend

immmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack can any of you even still be talking to me....I haven't bloged in MONTHS
we'll you can attribute that to the fact that I am a technologically special girl! I lost my username and password and couldnt figure out how to get it back until just now.

is anyone surprised?

in other news:
my life is good...probably almost too's good to the point that im asking myself "what is going to happen in the near future to fuck this up?"

I have a wonderful boyfriend, a new (old) roomie, an excellently behaved class of second graders who love me so far, a teacher's assistant who is a volunteer and comes in every day to do everything that i dont want to/dont have time to do without me having to ask her, a school curriculum that tells me exactly what to do and how to do it, and i am actually getting along with my family pretty well.

aside from the fact that gas is rounding $300.00 a gallon (which is not terrible considering i have a new roomie to commute to work with) i dont really have much to complain about which is good for me but doesn't make for very interesting blogging.

This blog is to be followd by one about the shit storm that is to be unleashed on me in the next month because of the unbelieveable summer and beginning of school ive had.