Saturday, September 19, 2009


Insects and vino

I just watched this fly get into my wine glass, wiggle around inside the last sip, and then fly back out.

He's drunk, don't get me wrong. He's flying in circles, doing barrel rolls around the living room and smashing into things. But I'm pissed, because I was willing to give up my last sip if that meant that horrible fly was going to die a liquored-up death and stop buzzing by my ear.

Thwarted again.

There are lots of things I love about the house we rent: the rent bill.... mostly just the rent bill. It's insanely cheap, and we've done what we can to make it homey. There's a fenced in yard for the dog to run in, and plenty of extra space for my packrat habits. But insects have a field day in here, wandering in through bends in the screen door and congregating in the kitchen. There was one I could've sworn was a deadly brown recluse spider, until I found out what a brown recluse looks like. There are little buggers that resemble roaches but my boyfriend assures me they aren't, since I'd have to move out. But mostly there are just these little flies, knats even, conspiring to ruin my life.

Who wants to come visit? BYO Fly Paper.