Monday, June 20, 2005

OK, I'll go to Nashville

In case I've kept anyone in suspense...

I realize I spent a good deal of blogging time talking about my job interview in Nashville and then the whole topic dropped off. That was because I was waiting.

I'm waiting no more... I start my new job at The Tennessean on July 18.

News to come for a quickly approaching reunion weekend. Also accepting bookings for visiting me in Nashville. It's going to be a hot summer, folks. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Italian Festival

Last night a bunch of the teachers from school decided to go to the Italian Festival in Wilmington to celebrate the end of the year. Obviously you can't go to an Italian Festival without getting food, so I was standing in line and suddenly I see this couple who look very familiar to me. I do a double take, and realize that they had gone to Salve! Remember Melissa Leone's friend Jenna? The one she used to make out with at Pelham when they were drunk? It was her and that guy she was dating whose name I don't remember. I couldn't believe it! Who knew I would run into Salve kids in Wilmington! Someone made the comment...

"They don't really look like the type of people who would go to your school."
"What kind if people go to my school?" I asked.
"Well, people more like you!"

On the outside, I just smiled. Inside I was screaming, "I AM NOT A SALVE GIRL!!!!" I sat there remembering all the times we had to assure people not from Salve that we were, in fact, NOT the stereotypical "Salve Girl." I couldn't believe that someone who had never even heard of Salve before meeting me could have formed that opinion based only on knowing me and the little I have said about Salve. I almost began doubting my non-salve girl status. It was only for a moment though because then I started to remember those girls who actually did apply to the term, and got over it really quickly.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Something to amuse/distract you all

That's me as a South Park character (0f my own selection).

I know at least Betsy watches South Park (because Brian does). You should all make one at this site:

It's in Dutch, but on the left you can select Exclusiv and then SP-Studio, and then you can select English for that part. You have to do a screenshot to save it but there are directions in the Help section.

I want to see the rest of you!

Friday, June 10, 2005

interesting blog...

My cousin showed me this blog earlier, and I thought it was kinda interesting so I posted it for you to check out!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's pop-u-ler

In case any one is interested:

Betsy and I have been reading the book Wicked:The life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. It's been a topic of frequent coversation during the last week because I sent her songs from the Broadway musical version. I know most of you are busy, but if anyone else cared to read it we could do some sort of book club thing.

One of my favorite songs from the musical is "Popular" and I put the lyrics to it in my own blog. But here is a link if you want to download and enjoy it --

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman Day

I have many things to say in this last week at House, but I just don't have the time. I will, however, share with you some chain letter wisdom I recieved from a forward today.

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming...

Damn, what a ride!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Post this bitches

Well I haven't posted because I am too busy crying about the fact that school is over in 2 weeks. That and I am too busy gaining weight and working 70 hour weeks.

Damn you Vera!

Yes it has been over a month since I last made a post (although I do try to keep up by commenting) and my only excuse is that I don't have a life. Oh you might think I'm off being busy and simply don't post because I have no time. That is not the case.

I could have told you about going to cover the spring pow wow or interviewing 8-yr-olds for the Take a Kid Fishing event. My cousin had a baby boy a few weeks ago, my other cousin is getting married and another cousin just delivered a baby Friday night (that brings the total number of people expected for the Holidays from the Johnson clan to 70). I stood in line for the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode III and I'm watching the repeat season of "Lost" since it always interfered with other shows I liked. Only I didn't think all of that would be exciting to read about.

I could make this entry about how I curse the Newport Festival Committee for making this summer's Sunset Music Festival one of the better booked! Why couldn't you have Guster, Anna Nalick, Something Corporate in addition to Ben Folds during the summer I was there? When I went that summer it was only to see Ben Folds, who was thrilling and so much fun.

Instead I'm going to tell you that right now while I was reading my Elle magazine I saw one of those smelly ads for Vera Wang perfume. I peeled back the flap and took a sniff of the Vera Wang, it was lovely and floral, and then of the Vera Wang Sheer Veil, it was mild and fresh. I continued on my reading when I noticed my upper lip was throbbing lightly. Looking in the mirror I found my lip had swelled up like a bee sting. The damn ad gave me an allergic reaction! Therefore I refuse to ever buy anything Vera Wang created (like I could afford it right?).

There that's the kind of brilliant storytelling you can expect from me.

Oh what the FRICK!

Why, why, why hasn't anyone posted in days? Maybe I know why...

Ok I really don' start posting already!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

AJ's Birthday

Yesterday was my brother's 21st. So, I took him out as a good big sister should. We started out at Iron Hill, a restaurant where a friend of mine was working and we got a drink or 2 or 3 while waiting for him to be done working. So the bartender finds out it's AJ's birthday, and makes us some good drinks and brings us over some shots of soco and lime a few minutes later (keep in mind what happened the last time I tried to do a straight shot in the kitchen at 20 narry). So we all do our shots, and AJ takes his first shot like a champ. I made it for about 3 minutes...and then there i was face in the toilet. I tried so hard to keep it down, but it's an undisputed fact...I will never be able to do an unmixed shot again! And I am so EMBARASSED for myself, being the only person who puked on my little brother's 21st birthday! But I'm happy to say that despite his hangover this morning, he's ready to go out again tonight and a Newport reunion has to be in the planning because no 21 year old can go without experiencing the bars of Newport! fam is going out for fondue tonight :p

Friday, June 03, 2005

I almost cried today...

Speaking of countdowns, I have 14 days until school is done. No more 2nd grade, no more ESL, no more "but Miss Paolozzi, I don't get it. Where IS the Dominican Republic?" No more kids trying to stay in for recess and after school because they don't want to go home and me having to chase them out of the classroom waving my hands around like an asshole going, "GOOD BYE!!!" and making them cry on a daily basis but cracking up like 2 minutes later. The point of no return was today when Roger says, "but Miss Paolozzi, I just don't get it. How come you look more like a teenager than a teacher?" and one of the 1st grade girls goes, "thats cause shes so preeeeeeeeeetty" (just like that... and she has the voice of a 40 year old stripper). Roger just stops, puts his hand on his hip and goes "Bridgette, I think you might be on to something." (It's much cuter in a spanish accent). OHHH DIOS MI OH YO NECESITO ESTOY EN EL PRIMER GRADO CON MIS ESTUDIANTES POR SIEMPRE!!!!

On another note, I went to my summer job yesterday. Within 5 minutes of those kids bratty behaviors I was screaming, "You know what!!! I teach second grade and my kids are better behaved than YOU!!!! HOW SAD IS THIS!!!!!"