Monday, June 06, 2005

Damn you Vera!

Yes it has been over a month since I last made a post (although I do try to keep up by commenting) and my only excuse is that I don't have a life. Oh you might think I'm off being busy and simply don't post because I have no time. That is not the case.

I could have told you about going to cover the spring pow wow or interviewing 8-yr-olds for the Take a Kid Fishing event. My cousin had a baby boy a few weeks ago, my other cousin is getting married and another cousin just delivered a baby Friday night (that brings the total number of people expected for the Holidays from the Johnson clan to 70). I stood in line for the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode III and I'm watching the repeat season of "Lost" since it always interfered with other shows I liked. Only I didn't think all of that would be exciting to read about.

I could make this entry about how I curse the Newport Festival Committee for making this summer's Sunset Music Festival one of the better booked! Why couldn't you have Guster, Anna Nalick, Something Corporate in addition to Ben Folds during the summer I was there? When I went that summer it was only to see Ben Folds, who was thrilling and so much fun.

Instead I'm going to tell you that right now while I was reading my Elle magazine I saw one of those smelly ads for Vera Wang perfume. I peeled back the flap and took a sniff of the Vera Wang, it was lovely and floral, and then of the Vera Wang Sheer Veil, it was mild and fresh. I continued on my reading when I noticed my upper lip was throbbing lightly. Looking in the mirror I found my lip had swelled up like a bee sting. The damn ad gave me an allergic reaction! Therefore I refuse to ever buy anything Vera Wang created (like I could afford it right?).

There that's the kind of brilliant storytelling you can expect from me.


ericasue said...

More reason for me to hate Newport this month -

DANE COOK is bringing his comedy routine to the Newport Yachting Center on June 18th.

WHY WHY WHY wasn't this the summer of 2003? Liz and I quoted his routine almost daily during Orientation Training.

Jenn said...

You know, you should sniff Vera Wang perfume more often. That bee sting allergic reaction lip gloss stuff goes for $18.50 a pop at Urban Outfitters