Sunday, October 16, 2005

Poetry and other things

So, Friday night I went to this poetry open mic night. It was in the ghetto kind of, over near Popeye's (yesssss). I didn't get up and drop some rhymes or anything, nor did I snap at any time. But it opened me up to this whole world I have been missing for years. And I'm not really even talking about poetry.

The room was filled with beautiful, thug lookin men. They just looked like any other dudes in the neighborhood, until they got onstage. They talked about things that mean something. One guy's poem talked about not being from a broken home, because he never had one. Another's, his name was Church. He's a real big dude with long dreads and glasses. His poem was about abortion and even as someone who's relatively pro-choice, I almost cried. But let's not get emotional and lose focus here. Hot black dudes that bring some deep shit?

HE-LLO! Where has this been all my life!?

Instead of throwing up gang signs or running around screaming GGGGG Unit, they hollered out NPG.... Nashville Poetry Group. POETRY! Almost sounds lame, but it was cute.

Then, I remembered I was there on a date and tried to stop my roving eye. Luckily, he turned out to be one of the best ones.

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ericasue said...


You sound a little like my friend. She loves Def Poetry Jam and has all the seasons on DVD. It's really quite moving and the next time the tour is in town I think we're gonna go.