Monday, May 02, 2005

Thoughts on my way home

Yes, I made it home from Newport, safe and sound, should anyone be wondering. I actually drove home after getting into Minneapolis because I missed my bed. I also learned that my brother's roommate happened to steal all the blankets from their apartment so he could go sleep out, in the snow, for tickets to the System of a Down concert, and I would have nothing to sleep with there anyways.

So 12 hours after leaving the island I made it to my house, thanks to 3 coffee beverages, singing loudly to my RENT cd, and bopping to a radio station playing 80's music.

I thought I had met my quota for crazy encounters back in Newport, but I found out I was mistaken during my trip home. So in addition to our new friend Kim, "Lou," "Motel 6 worker who hates his life," "Guy who told Dani what Skeet means" and "Guy who asked Dani if she had a bisexual friend" I would like to include the following 2 characters.

1 - Cesear from N'Awlins. He was very chatty and informed that even though he is 28 and has a little boy he knows how to party. In fact he had been partying since Thursday while he visited friends in Providence and NYC this weekend. Apparently the party had not stopped as halfway through the flight he leaned over to tell me that his buddy convinced him to mix vodka with his Snapple. Then he shared his Ipod list, assuring me that I could listen to anything I wanted.

2 - Mustafa and the Starbucks workers in the Minneapolis Airport. It seemed English was not their first language when they asked if I wanted my Caramel Macchiato made upside down. All I got from their explanation is that they consider their beverages to be great pieces of artwork or that they are like that Dr. Pepper commercial with the guy with the long tongue. I have no idea what commercial they were describing but I was assured I would be "hooked up."

"You want delicious drink, yes? Den, we hook you up. No worry."


Kate said...

Minneapolis sounds like a pluthra of interesting characters... if it wasn't for the snow, I'd be all over that.

Erica said... just wondering how you would pronounce pluthra?